24th Regulators & Policy Makers Retreat - Net Zero Mission

9th to 11th Feb 2024 @ Shoonya Farm Retreat, Village Belgundi, Belgaum,


Rough agenda: May change based on availabilty of speakers

Date & Time

Topics of Discussion

Friday, 9th Feb 2024
10.00 to 10.15
Welcome to the 24th RPR
10.15 to 12:00
Net Zero Mission and EnergyCrisis·        
● Current Geo political scenarios, changing landscapes and their implications on the energy market.·        
● The Global Energy Crisis: Aftermath of the Ukraine war and the pandemic.·        
● The Net Zero Mission: Commitments, Challenges and Current Progress.
● Impact of high energy cost on the consumer andthe Consumers ability to pay for expensive power.
12:00 to 13:00
Scaling Renewable and storage toachieve Net Zero Mission.·        
● Who owns the water? State or Centre? Can the state levy cess on water used for the generation of power?·        
● Renewable Energy Deployment –How to Increase the share of renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind,hydro, and geothermal, in the power generation mix?
● Grid Modernization and Flexibility: Is the presentgrid capable of handling the increasing amount of renewable energyrequirements.? How do we upgrade and modernize the power grid infrastructure toaccommodate higher levels of renewable energy, enhance grid resilience, andenable flexible and efficient energy management?
14:00 to 15:00
Uncertainty in the Indian powersector: Moving Goal Posts. ·        
● Are CERC and Ministry of powermore important or is a state regulator more important? if you say that theCentre is more important, then who will take responsibility of local issues.·        
● Public Good vs Private Profit – Consumer Empowerment·        
● Power purchase agreements and the ability to transfers PPA’s without exiting.·        
● Virtual PPAs in India- Are there any regulatory challenges?
● DisComs operate on a costs-plus regulationmodel. Can Discoms be profitable? What are the steps needed to fix the financial health of the DisComs?
15:00 to 17:00
How effective are the Regulatoryand Policy Frameworks in India?·        
● Regulatory and Policymaking landscape in current India.·        
● Is the Ministry of Power, GOI over-centralising all the powers with themselves?The end vs. the means·        
● The issue of “federalism” and therole of states·        
● Are powerful lobbyists influencing policymaking?A closer look at different power schemes offeredby GOI.
Saturady, 10th Feb 2024
10.30 to 12.00
Importance of Energy Storage·        
● What is energy storage? Where does it fit in the electricity act 2003? Who will regulate Ev’s, charing stations in retail sector? Cost implications and safety risks.·        
● Energy Storage Technologies:Advancements in energy storage systems, such as batteries and pumped hydrostorage, to enable the integration of intermittent renewable energy sources andensure a stable and reliable power supply.
12.00 to 13:00
Renewable Energy Certificates andthe Carbon Market ·        
● Carbon Markets: Who decides therate of carbon credits? ·        
● Current issues and future of carboncredits & REC’s in India.·        
● Carbon Capture, Utilization,and Storage (CCUS): Developing and implementing technologies to capture andstore carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel power plants, preventing them from entering the atmosphere.
14:15 to 15:15
Technologies Driving us towardsNet Zero.·        
● Electric Vehicles and Electrification of End Uses: Promoting the electrification of various sectors, including transportation, heating, and industrial processes, to replace fossil fuel-based energy sources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.·        
● Role of Green Hydrogen and Bio Fuels·        
● Decentralized Energy Systems:Exploring the potential of decentralized energy systems, such as microgrids andlocal renewable generation, to increase energy resilience and enable localized power generation.·        
● Importanceof Cyber Security Reliabilty of Chinese Relays & PLC
15.30 to 16:30
Out of the box solutions for thepower sector: ·        
● Future and scope for smallmodular reactors.·        
● Energy Efficiency and Demand Response: Encouraging energy efficiency measures and demand response programsto reduce overall electricity consumption and optimize energy use during peakdemand periods.·        
● The role of AI and ML in theenergy sector ·        
● Hybrid Offshore Wind and Wave Energy Systems
15.30 – 16:15
IPPAI power awards 2024
Sunday, 11th Feb 2024
10.00 to 12:00
Meeting the aspirations of RuralConsumers ●      
● The impact of exit of the rural consumer.
Fostering Information Sharing

Our primary intent lies in creating a conduciveenvironment that allows for a free exchange of knowledge, thus cultivating adeeper comprehension of the challenges and potential avenues related to thepower sector and achieving net zero emissions in the power sector

Spotlighting Innovation

We aim to highlight inventive technologies,strategies, and real-world examples that can hasten our shift towards anecologically friendly power generation system.

Crafting Policy Guidelines

We intend to identify applicable policy suggestionsand practical measures to bolster the power sector and its commitment to the netzero mission.


Mr. V P Raja

Fmr Chairman, MERC

Dr. Pramod Dev

Fmr Chairman, CERC

Mr. Chintan Shah

Ex. Director(Technical), IREDA

Mr. Ajay Shankar

Distinguished Fellow, TERI

Smt. Neelam Deo

Fmr Ambassador

Mr. Rahul Tongia

Founding Advisor,ISGF

Mrs. Meera Shankar

Fmr Ambassador to US

Mr. Balawant Joshi

MD, Idam Infrastructure Advisory

Mr. RN Prashar

Former Chairman, HERC

Mr. R Shrikant

Dean, NIAS

Mr. Amit Kumar

Managing Partner, Atilium

Mr. Manoj Vyas

VP - Global Carbon Markets

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