• Adequacy of focus?
  • Are CISOs empowered?
  • Adequacy of technical capability?
  • Regulatory support?
  • Supply-chain complexities, vulnerability assessments, continuous monitoring
  • Reaction and recovery, business continuity planning* Information Sharing within critical information infrastructures, industry, academia.
  • Solving technical/technology challenges
  • Security vulnerabilities, malware, backdoors, and a complex supply chain* Cybersecurity compliance part of procurement criteria
  • Frequent vulnerability assessments (system level)
  • New developments in security monitoring and incident response
  • Solving policy and process challenges
  • Full-time empowered CISOs in all utilities
  • Building organizational capability and talent pool. Degree and certification courses in academia
  • Proactive Information Sharing among utilities, industry, government, and academia
  • Investment in research
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