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www.ippaiclimatechange.comNew York; 15 Oct 2010 | San Francisco; 20 Oct 2010

As India surges forward to embrace the magic figure of 10% GDP growth, it stands at the cross-roads of development and responsible industrialization. The environment and ecology are not just political hot potatoes; they are critical global concerns as well. India today, more than ever before, needs to define its growth trajectory across the mechanism by way of which it can replace conventional energy tools only so that it becomes a responsible global nation.

The United States is also advancing to create regional renewable markets. India has introduced significant policies for incentivising new projects and investments in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency.  What’s interesting is the possibility that Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), which are part of the cap-and-trade scheme for renewable energy, could be traded interchangeably with Energy Efficiency Certificates (EECs).

Each scheme alone offers stakeholders an unparalleled investment opportunity. These are among some of the latest policy initiatives that can help build a vibrant alternative energy market in India. These events will also discuss the latest developments in America.


1. To know how the latest regulatory & policy developments impact your business in America

2. To explore emerging business opportunities in alternative energy & energy efficiency in (a)  the US    (b) in India   (c) both countries

Top US and Indian Government Authorities, Regulators, Entrepreneurs, Heads of Industry as well as Experts from the legal and financial sectors will discuss these issues in multidisciplinary panels moderated by Scott Hempling, Esq., Executive Director, NRRI at these conferences.

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